Trail Clearing

John Grego
President, Friends of Congaree Swamp

On November 19, Darryl Williams, Bob Render, and John Grego met for the quarterly trail-clearing of the Upper Boardwalk, Sims Trail, the Lower boardwalk, Oak Ridge Trail and Weston Lake Loop. With our small group, we did not clear the section of Weston Lake Loop along Cedar Creek, but we may schedule a trip in December to clear that section and possibly some of the river Trail.

On a couple occasions, as we moved logs out of the way, we found some very sluggish salamanders.

Here's a picture of two marbled salamanders and a millipede that we found under one of our logs.

We made a short detour to visit the Hampton Cypress (the tallest bald cypress in the Park) and pose for a group photo. The other photo shows the Hampton Cypress and a 7-foot cypress knee.

We ran across an unusual bird species during our hike. One of the Park visitors had a tethered African Gray Parrot accompanying her.

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