Personal Journals
from the Congaree National Park

Friends of Congaree Swamp encourages you to share your experiences at Congaree National Park in our website journal. In addition to submissions of prose, photography and sound recordings, Friends encourages creative expressions such as poetry or music.

Email your submission to All submissions will be reviewed by the Friends of Congaree Swamp. After the review, the entries will be posted on the website journal.

Journal Entries:

John Grego (10/2009)
River Hike
John Grego (7/2009)
Bates Old River
John Grego (6/2009)
Garrick Road
John Grego (5/2009)
Weston Lake Loop Trail
John Grego (01/11/2009)
Red Bluff Road
John Grego (09/2008)
Western Boundary
John Grego (09/2008)
Kingsnake Trail
John Grego (07/13/2008)
Old Dead River
John Grego (06/15/2008)
Father's Day Hike
John Grego (05/26/2008)
Kingville Junction
John Grego (03/09/2008)
Red Bluff Road Hike
John Grego (01/20/2008)
Kingsnake Trail Hike
Edward Kujawski (12/26/07)
Day after Christmas 2007 Walk
John Grego (08/21/07)
Garrick Road Tract
John Grego (07/14/07)
Kingsnake Trail Hike
John Grego (06/17/07)
Father's Day Hike
John Grego (02/10/07)
Elder Lake
John Grego (01/20/07)
Bannister Bridge
Joe Kegley (11/04/06)
Kingsnake Trail, River Otters
Robin Carter (07/13/06)
Congaree National Park Birding
Robin Carter (06/28/06)
Southeastern Myotis Bat Colony
Robin Carter (06/13/06)
Barred Owl Begging Call
John Grego (06/19/06)
Father's Day
Joe Kegley (2/20/04)
Wild pigs in the Park
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