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May 4
Robin Carter Dawn Chorus Walk at Congaree National Park
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Robin Carter Dawn Chorus Walk at Congaree National Park

Sunday, May 4, 2014, 5:30 AM, Visitors’ Center, Congaree National Park
Leader: Donna Slyce

One of the most important resources of Congaree National Park is its large numbers of breeding birds, including many neotropical migrants—species which breed in North America, but go south in the winter to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, or South America.

Robin Carter, who passed away in 2008, did more than anyone to promote birding at Congaree National Park. He established most of the annual birding events at the park, maintained a 20-year database of Congaree bird reports, and turned enthusiastically to sound recording at the park late in his birding career. To celebrate and continue Robin’s legacy, Friends will hold its Robin Carter Dawn Chorus Walk on Sunday, May 4, 2014. The Dawn Chorus Walk at Congaree National Park was started by Robin in 2005, and we now celebrate the event with the rest of the world on International Dawn Chorus Day. Though International Dawn Chorus Day is popular overseas., Congaree National Park is the only site in North America that consistently participates in this event.

We will meet at the Visitor Center at 5:30 AM. This will provide an opportunity to listen to the pre-dawn sounds of owls, nightjars, and migrating thrushes before the main event, which begins a half hour before sunrise. We can reasonably expect to hear as many as forty species of birds calling. Bird song experts will be on hand to help you identify what you hear, or you can just listen and take in the experience.

As an additional incentive, the Dawn Chorus hike will be followed by a free breakfast at 7:30 AM organized and prepared by Friends’ board members. The breakfast menu changes slightly from year to year, but will include shrimp and creamy grits, bacon/date and cherry/orange scones, cheddar drop biscuits, a breakfast strata, fresh fruit, juice and lots of coffee.

Contact John Grego,, 803-331-3366.

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