Activity Guide

Here is the Teacher Activity Guide for Cruising the Congaree.

Introduction from the book:

For more than a century our national parks have been called upon to preserve and protect America's greatest natural and historical treasures. The more than 370 units of the National Park System include over 80 million acres of lands and waters. America's parks represent our nation's greatest features and provide all Americans with opportunities for enjoyment, education and inspiration. On August 25, 1916, the United States Congress created the National Park Service to protect and preserve our common heritage. (more...)

Chapter List

Book SectionElementaryHigh School
Cover and Spine**
Table of Contents**
Chapter 1, Part 1*
Chapter 1, Part 2*
Chapter 1, Part 3*
Chapter 1, Part 4*
Chapter 1, Part 5*
Chapter 1, Part 6*
Chapter 2*
Chapter 3*
Chapter 4*
Chapter 5*
Chapter 6*
Chapter 7, Part 1*
Chapter 7, Part 2*
Chapter 7, part 3*
Chapter 8**
Evaluation Form**

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